Frequently Asked Questions

Our product is a bit complex. Feel free to ask us questions.

Our license includes one year of access to our Gold Master DevOps toolset. You can deploy it as many times as you need and deploy any version you want during the year. When your license is up, the infrastructure you deployed with Inscription is still yours and in your environment and control - but you won't be able to re-deploy Inscription without renewing your license.
Yes. We deploy our toolset into your infrastructure (typically AWS). We don't own anything we deploy for you - we just configure it and push it into your container in an optimal configuration. The code we deploy is a combination of other Open Source software, such as Jenkins, as well as built-in support for SaaS platforms like New Relic. Your entire infrastructure's ownership is really governed by Open Source GNU and/or SLAs from SaaS providers that you ultimately control and can selectively replace as desired.
Our ultimate goal is for our clients to own the operation of their own development pipeline - but we know it's good to have a friend who knows what they're doing on-call. We offer SLAs for organizations looking to have on-demand support when things hit the fan.
Yes, we offer custom onboarding packages to show you around both the toolset and the corporate buy-in and higher-level stuff.
Yes. Our infrastructure is built to support both Magento 1 and Magento 2 as well as common supporting applications like WordPress and SugarCRM.
It sure does. When we say end-to-end, we mean it! Inscription includes everything you need for your code pipeline, including AMI files and Docker images.