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What is DevOps?

What’s the latest and greatest in terms of IT practices? DevOps.

DevOps refers to the breaking down of barriers to bring together software developers and operations staff in a more collaborative way, resulting in shorter development cycles and more cost efficiency. What does this mean for you? Quicker turn around and decreased cost!

There is a ton of confusion when it comes to DevOps. Is it a tool? Is it a project management methodology? In fact, it’s none of those things. It is a cultural shift in corporate thinking and the way incidents and ideas are approached.

DevOps uses tools like Continuous Integration, Unit Testing, Automated Deployments, Configuration Management, etc.

Benefits of Employing DevOps

DevOps can provide software companies the competitive edge they need. In today’s digital world, every company now states that their differentiators are 24/7 support, a team of experts and superior processes. It’s not really a differentiator if everyone is saying it, is it? DevOps, when utilized properly, has the potential to create trust within the company, allowing for rapid deployment and strategic pivots.

Technical benefits include continuous software delivery, less complexity to manage, and faster resolution of problems. A project that would have taken a year in the past can now have a significantly expedited timeline.

From a business standpoint, DevOps is an easy decision to make. Faster delivery of features, more stable operating environments, improved communication and collaboration and more time to innovate all can ultimately improve your bottom line.

There are also a number of cultural benefits that come from DevOps. A happier, more engaged team results in an increase in productivity. Increased productivity and efficiency can increase your ROI and create the kind of culture where your team is excited to come to work every day.

Any way you look at it, DevOps can have a positive impact on your company.

Threats and Pain Points in DevOps Implementation

If you’re considering implementing DevOps or working with a company who has, there are three major hurdles you should be aware of: old software, no version control, and 3rd-party friction. It’s important to be aware and develop a procedure for managing and integrating each one into your workflow without forcing 3rd parties to change their own practices.

DevOps is an extremely complicated and multifaceted approach which can lead to companies experiencing setbacks as they attempt to integrate the fundamental backend tools and deployment processes. Inscription enables you to skip past the initial pains with a clear roadmap and a fully-tested and trustworthy pipeline.

DevOps trends

Adoption of DevOps tools and practices are on the rise; as is automation, consolidation of tools, less outsourcing, and true code crowdsourcability. According to 2018 State of DevOps Report, 27% of people who responded said they work in a DevOps team compared to only 14% in 2014. With elite performers reporting deployments 46 times more frequently than their peers, the use of DevOps practices is only expected to grow. In addition to faster deployments, they have 7 times lower change failure rates and 2,604 times faster recovery from incidents.

Outsourcing infrastructure and build work is on the decline; outsourcing whole functions can hurt performance. Driven by the idea that administrative demands can be expressed as code, more DevOps practices, such as testing and operations, are kept in-house.

The cloud market is growing, meaning companies can also more easily attach and detach developers or firms making turnaround for a fix or idea much faster.

DevOps can not only create a better technology product - it can create harmony where there was once conflict, and enable better margins and faster growth.

Where Does Inscription Fit In?

Inscription is a complete end-to-end DevOps toolset for Magento ecommerce that enables continuous integration / delivery for enterprise online retailers.

We’re all about harnessing Continuous Integration and Deployment. We help you unlock the power of your project & product management toolsets through proven best-practice execution and tools within Inscription. Deploy in real-time on Jenkins, from day one, without spending 18 months of work to build everything needed to support your custom Open Source Magento application.

Need a solid, scalable, reliable, and future-proof infrastructure that takes advantage of scripting? We’ve got you. How about a security environment built to support various levels of standards and compliance, that incorporates all infrastructure and hosting needs of Magento 1 and 2? We’ve still got you covered.

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