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Get Your Product to Market Faster in 5 Steps

Getting ahead of your competitors and staying relevant in today’s digital world means getting your product to market faster than ever before. If you want to push new ideas and offerings to your customers, you need to find ways to create and develop at a rapid pace. 

Not a software company? That doesn’t matter. Industry leading brands are beginning to find success by adopting new mindsets and frameworks such as DevOps and outsourcing.

Digital processes power everyone's products, marketing, and operations. Adopting a software company mindset will streamline and expedite your idea to production phase by improving communication and removing barriers to collaboration. If you are struggling to meet development deadlines or your cashflow is being eaten by multiple salaries, the first process you need to adopt is DevOps. 

1. Integrating DevOps

The key is streamlining. Connecting your development and operations teams by using tools, like Inscription, and processes like digital prototyping, outsourcing, partnerships, and project management software will help you in this endeavor. DevOps will transform your agency from divided departments with thick process levels into an enterprise-class development team able to deliver code and services quickly and efficiently.

But, how much faster can DevOps make your team? Elite performers using DevOps report 46 times more deployments than their peers. As an added benefit, they have 7 times lower change failure rates and 2,604 times faster recovery from incidents. Being able to quickly work across teams and through development stages without the traditional work flow barriers creates a positive and exciting work environment.

Inscription is a complete end-to-end DevOps toolset for Magento that enables continuous integration and delivery for enterprise online retailers. You’ll see better communication, more stable operating environments, increased collaboration, and improved work culture. Inscription can help

2. Using Digital Prototypes

Gone are the days of having to physically create prototypes. With a DevOps approach, it’s suggested that designers create “just enough.” The detailed and complete prototype is no longer necessary.

Today, digital representations are sufficient to get a sense of the product.  This allows for instant feedback, unlimited testing, and reduced spending. You can also use the prototype as a working product, as opposed to creating prototype 1, making an adjustment, and having to create prototype 2, 3, 4, or more for each change.

3. Outsourcing Made Easy

Outsourcing is becoming a less common approach; many companies are opting to keep tasks in house. However, DevOps uses of cloud-based systems that allows for companies to efficiently stay focused on core values and re-assign peripheral tasks to other parties.

4. Encourage Partnerships

The growth of cloud-based systems and platforms means it’s even easier to attach and detach developers. The cloud is purpose-built for DevOps. This can allow your firm to bring in a developer for a day to fix a single thing, test it, and deploy.

The faster you can snap developers in and out of the overall scope of a product or project lifecycle, it will increase your speed in getting products or features to market in the most flexible manner possible.

5. Maximize Your Project Management Software

Inscription gives you a scalable, reliable, and future-proof infrastructure that allows you to maximize the use of your project-management toolsets. By eliminating pockets of knowledge and skills in your departments, you can increase real-time project visibility and manage change collaboratively. You’ll also reduce overhead and handoffs from manager to manager or department to department.

Harness CI and CD and put Agile to work for you. Unlock the power of your project & product management toolsets through proven best-practice execution and tools within Inscription. Deploy in real-time on Jenkins, from day one, without spending 18 months of work to build everything needed to support your custom Open Source Magento application.

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David Ward

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