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DevOps in a Box is Here

A few months ago, my team started playing with the tagline "DevOps in a Box" while Inscription came closer to the final product. We felt it was really fitting. In our mind, Inscription can deploy an entire preconfigured DevOps toolset in less than 20 minutes. To us, this is the definition of "out-of-the-box" ready.

To my horror, I Googled the phrase "DevOps in a Box" last night - and apparently it's not possible?

DevOps in a Box

Does this mean we should all go home now? Did we just waste two years of our lives building nothing?

Of course not - and I disagree 100% with the dozen or so posts on the matter. You absolutely can have DevOps in a Box and it's absolutely the way to start - just like it's easier to drive somewhere with a car you buy than a car you build. Sure, you could spend a few years buying parts of the internet and using YouTube and Reddit to figure out how to build one. Is that the optimal way to do it? Wouldn't you rather be on your way in your working, safe, and tested production car?

Part of the problem was that there were no toolsets like Inscription before now - so it wasn't really possible when many of these posts were authored. The rest of the problem is that there truly is no "in a box" solution for the requirements of DevOps that can't be put into a toolset: the processes, organizational structure, ethos, and buy-in that makes DevOps work.

The posts above are correct that you can't get an off-the-shelf ethos, but, after spending two years building an end-to-end toolset and implementing organizational change within our company and our clients, I would have used a boxed toolset every time if it had been an option. Building a DevOps toolset is hard - and implementing the organizational changes required is probably harder. Trying to do both while you fumble around with deployments breaking down and all the technical stuff was an absolute nightmare - even with an experienced DevOps team. A toolset takes at least 12 months or more to build, and then 6-12 months of overlapping process and organizational implementation. With a ready-to-go toolset, you can cut total implementation drastically and skip past a year of unnecessary pain and suffering.

David Ward

David Ward

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