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DevOps for Brands

What can DevOps do for brands? Change everything. We've seen the symptoms in nearly every enterprise brand we've worked with:

"The Brand is everything to us."

"We're a marketing company, not a retailer or service provider."

Organizations don't realize that every company is now a software company. You brand is what people are buying, but in today's digital world you have to provide access to your brand 24x7 and at higher speeds than ever before. Your customers want apps fixed now, and your marketing demands require fast landing page deployment in days, not weeks.

In organizations that don't realize they're a software company, the technology of the organization is often driven by the demands of other departments that don't know anything about technology and don't have an understanding of all the hurdles in rolling out a properly tracked and optimized landing page that hooks into two custom CRMs from a PSD in just 2 days.

These organizations are setup to fail. DevOps can bring stakeholders of the company onto the same page with common goals and expectations. It has the potential to create trust within the company to allow rapid deployment and rapid changes in strategies.

Brands in the 100M+ range typically have a development team of 10+, and IT team of 10+, and sales and marketing teams of 50 or more. At this scale, DevOps can put the essential technology requirements of all parties at the center of a reliable pipeline that can be managed together based on demands - and realities.

In the right brands, DevOps can not only create a better technology product - it can create harmony where there was once conflict. With organizational vector alignment, your developers will be able to output better code with higher quality outcomes and less downtime - and at speeds multiples of times faster than before. This enables the ability for marketing and product teams to have requirements met faster with better accuracy. This enables better margins and faster growth. The c-suite is now able to strategically plan what outcomes they want from the technology and development resources they have and share accountability and results.

David Ward

David Ward

A lifelong serial entrepreneur and technologist, Dave has been designing, developing, and marketing websites since 1996 when Netscape Navigator was all the rage and people thought SEO was white text on a white background used to stuff keywords. Dave has worked with brands ranging from DKNY to Ghirardelli to California Closets - and has key vertical experience in auto parts, haute couture and high-end home goods, high-tech manufacturing, FinTech, and online retail.